What does it cost per foot for cabinets?

It is difficult to come up with a standard number as there are too many variables, such as what type of wood you choose for your cabinet doors,along with door style such as flat, shaker, raised panel etc. Oak is less expensive than say cherry or walnut. Custom cabinets sounds expensive; however, our cabinets are more affordable than you may think.

Will I be without a kitchen for months if I want to build brand new?

Normally for a standard replacement where no renovations are involved, we can have your new kitchen in about a week to be functional. That is if using a laminate counter top. Functional means all cabinets are in place,counter tops on, sink installed and working. Finishing touches, doors, crown handles etc will follow normally within a week for full completion. If we deal with a solid surface counter top such as granite or quartz there will be a lead time of approx. 2 -3 additional weeks from the time the lower cabinets are in place and we create templates for your new counter top to being installed.

Will this process be an inconvenience?

We pride in making things as convenient for you as possible.With solid surface, we have gone so far as to do a temporary sink hookup with your old sink until your new counter tops are in place.

Will it make my house dirty?

Yes, there will be a slight mess involved as with any renovation. It does however vary depending on the degree of the renovation involved. We attempt to confine it to the area in question and ALWAYS clean up after ourselves at the end of each day. We want to treat your home as if it was our own.

Is there a guarantee on your products and or services?

We guarantee our products with varying degrees. Our cabinet boxes,installation and all hardware have a limited lifetime warranty. Counter tops,and cabinet doors are basis on our manufacturer’s warranty. These can be explained in greater detail in one of our meetings. Being a member of the RHBA Renomark program there are strict guidelines which have to be followed. Warranties need to be a minimum of 2 years unless otherwise stipulated. As you can see we exceed those expectations.